Michael Totschnig

Consultant for E-Learning, OpenSource, Android

With 10 years of experience in IT Research & Development, I am offering consulting services to educational institutions and companies trying to get to grasp with the evolving landscape of technologies for learning and collaboration in the context of mobile devices and cloud platforms.


Research and analysis
Based on my experience with the development and deployment of learning management systems, authoring tools, collaboration platforms, and digital asset management systems, my intimate knowledge of the Open Source ecology, and my hands-on knowledge of mobile and cloud computing, I can help you gain a clear picture of trends and affordances if your institution needs new tools for collaboration, learning and knowlege management.
Project management
If your project gets stuck due to the lack of a clear guidance, I can help you design and execute your development plan from the project's initiation to the sucessful delivery of products and services that fulfil your stakeholders' expectations.
Software engineering
During my career in IT, I have learnt to deal with the intricacies of all phases of software engineering, from requirements analysis, architecture design, implementation, testing, operation, maintenance and support, and can support your project by reviewing your existing process, defining improvements, and take part in their implementation.

Domains of competence

Since 2005, I have been active in the development, deployment and maintenance of large scale learning management systems in the context of universities (Learn@WU), and schools (lms.at) and recently a MOOC platform (openHPI). Particularly, I have gained expertise in the following fields:
  • Document management and content authoring ;
  • Digital archives and meta-data ;
  • E-learning standards ;
  • Outcome oriented education, assessment and E-Portfolio ;
  • Open Educational Resources ;
  • Service-Oriented Architecture.
Open Source
As a contributor to two Open Source platforms for collaboration, OpenACS and phpgroupware (ancestor of eGroupware), I am intimately familiar with the norms and practices of open, collaborative software development, and have gained the oversight for evaluating and selecting Open Source solutions for learning, collaboration and content management.
Drawn into the Android platform, due to its open-source background (compared to its main competitor), I have launched two Open Source apps: and am availalbe for helping you transform your idea for an Android app into reality.



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